June 6, 2008


I was getting ready to start my intended post about our onboard coffee ritual, but I'm back home after being away for a week, and my housecats are hanging all over me like needy, furry Christmas tree ornaments. It makes me think about the part they play in our lives, and the possibility of integrating these sweeties into our eventual live-aboard lifestyle.

We adopted both of them from a place we've come to think of as the Best Kitties In the World Store, but despite their common source, they are quite different.

Nooni is the likeliest candidate to make the transition from condo to
boat. She's a hey-why-not? kind of gal. Young, very few expectations beyond breakfast and dinner. We adopted her at the age of eight months. Not knowing her background, but now having fully experienced her range of attitudes, we guess she came from a house full of angry Jack Russells. She's fearless, full of moxie and ready to take on anything.
The Redhead, however, has had a cushy ride for six years and isn't particularly interested in a lifestyle change.

I can't picture him on a boat and happy about it.

Many cats and dogs are, though. They make good companions onboard as well as off. Some get left in ports, some go down with the ship, but for the most part, having them along is like having them at home. They're just happy to be where their peeps are.

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